How much does pressure washing cost in 2024?

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When the weather gets better and the days get longer we start to think more about enjoying our gardens, patios and other outdoor spaces. It’s around the same time however that we also notice just how much winter dirt, grime, moss have built up and what was a crisp and clean patio is now a slippery mossy mess.

To keep your property looking good and prevent major damage it’s important to keep our outdoor surfaces clean. Ideal Magazine had a great blog we loved that showed just when you need to pressure wash and when you need to soft wash, why not have a read HERE. If your feeling up to it and have the equipment you can attempt a good clean on your own. If however you do not have the time, the area is larger than you can cope with or you feel it needs professional help you might be wondering “How much does it cost to pressure wash my patio or other surface in 2024?”

How much will it cost?

When it comes to pricing using your own jet wash at home may be the cheapest option, however at times there are areas that are just too big or require professional pressure washing services. What should you consider when getting a price for this service? It’s important to remember that power washing your home is not a service you will get done regularly such as window cleaning, many of our customers have pressure washing done once or twice a year. Our professional equipment and skills can be up to 10x more effective than a home jet wash. The more regular the cleans the cheaper the cost of pressure washing will be. But what factors can affect the price? Lets’s have a look at to examples, driveways and patios.

How Much Does it Cost to Clean a Driveway?

As with all professional services it is important to get a selection of quotes, and remember the cheapest might not always be the best. At pristine clean when we quote for pressure washing a driveway we take into consideration the following factors:

Factors affecting your power wash pricing


      • Size of drivewayThe bigger the driveway the more time that is needed so when quoting we also need to take into account our workers hourly rates


        • Condition of driveway – A driveway that is damaged with potholes or one that has been neglected for years requires different chemicals, hot water and or other cleaning methods which affect cost.

        • Driveway material – From tarmac to paving slabs every driveway has a different exterior surface so will need to be treated in its own way thus affecting the cost estimates.

        • Cost of sealing a driveway – Some customer opt for our sealing service which affects the overall price. Although an additional cost this service can keep your driveway clean and clear for much longer, thus reducing overall maintenance costs.

      So how much to clean your driveway? It’s hard to give a flat rate as all jobs are different. To get a accurate price we suggest getting a free quote with us. It’s no obligation and can be done over the phone with a quick video call or feel free to send us some pictures. Find out more here on our QUOTE PAGE

      How Much Does it Cost to Clean a Patio?

      Like the average cost of a driveway clean, the average cost of a patio clean can be affected by factors such as, it’s size and thus the cost of labour. The material of the patio and thus the cleaning method needed and the need to replace kiln dried sand lost in cleaning. The condition of the Patio. Taking into account all these factors affects our pressure washing prices for patios. As a rough idea for the typical cost of pressure washing by professional pressure washing companies in 2024 for a small patio can be around £100-150. For a medium sized patio this can go above the £200 mark and so on.

      At pristine clean we price each job individually based so to find out exactly how much your patio will cost to clean please contact us for a QUOTE

      Professional or DIY?

      The best way to ensure your home gets cleaned without damage is to hire professional pressure washers. Professionals know the correct water pressure or PSI to use depending on the material. Concrete, for instance, is much more durable and can typically take a higher pressure level than, say, wood. Additionally, professionals have access to the latest power washer equipment and cleaning products — commercial-grade ones that are far more effective than your everyday ones. So when deciding wether to tackle the job by dusting off your old pressure washer from the back of the shed or to hire professionals, its important to work out if your equipment is up to the task. If your unsure we encourage you to CONTACT US at pristine clean we can give you a no obligation quote to help you make your decisions to go professional or do it yourself.

      Will every company charge me the same amount?

      No. Likely not! So when working out the average price for power washing services or any service for that matter, it is best practice to get 3 or 4 different quotes. The prices will vary depending on where the company is based, how big their team is, how far they have to travel to get to you and labour costs for example whether they charge by the job or by the hour.

      Are there any extra or hidden costs?

      When working out the cost to power wash or pressure wash your home or business you may worry about additional fees. Most local and family run businesses, like ourselves at Pristine Clean, are keen to keep a good reputation in our local area, so make sure that all costs are clearly explained before hand. If you are unsure about anything make sure to ask questions such as, how much? how long? Is there a cost for chemicals? Do they charge by the hour or by the job? Do they charge extra if using hot water over cold water? Would particularly dirty areas such as oil stains or moss growth cost more? Being sure to cover all the bases will help avoid any hidden costs.

      How do I prepare before my pressure cleaning service?

      To help keep costs down it’s best to make sure your outdoor area is as easy to access as possible. Try to keep cars and outdoor furniture or other items off the driveway or patio. Make sure to remove or cover any items you do not want to get wet. And please ensure that there is easy access to a water supply with good pressure. If you have any questions make sure to speak to you chosen pressure washing company.

      Is the Cost to Pressure Wash a House Worth It?

      Yes! At pristine clean time and again we see the joy that is bought to our customers from having their outdoor surfaces pressure washed. Yes regular cleaning of outdoor areas is essential in keeping you home in good condition, maintaining it’s kerb appeal and keeping it’s value.

      So wether your looking pressure wash a patio, concrete surfaces such as driveways or yards make sure you understand the power washing costs involved. Please feel free to contact us here at Pristine Clean to find out more about the average cost of pressure washing in 2024.