payment options

We offer a range of payment options for both regular customers and one-off jobs. You can explore our payment options below…

Go Cardless

Here are some of the benefits of Go Cardless:

  • You will only pay once your windows have been cleaned (or once you have received any other of our cleaning services).
  • You only need to set up payment once.
  • You will know exactly how much you’re paying and when it will come out.
  • You are notified that a payment is coming out in advance, giving you the chance to raise any issues about the payment.
  • Your payments are protected. For example, in the UK, you are fully protected under the Direct Debit Guarantee, meaning you have the right to cancel and receive a full refund for any payment taken in error.
  • You can cancel the Direct Debit mandate at any time for example through your online banking, immediately stopping future payments.
  • GoCardless is ISO 27001 accredited. It is also authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority to provide payment services as an Authorised Payment Institution across the European

If you would like any more information, then please do not hesitate to ask. Or visit the Go Cardless website. This page in particular is very helpful…

Go Cardless Payment Guide

You can set up Go Cardless now or at another convenient time before we visit. To do this please click on the button below and follow the simple instructions. It will only take a minute or two.

Cash & Bank Transfer

We also accept payment through more traditional means, we accept any of the following:


We still accept cash, simply make sure to pass it to your cleaner on their visit

Bank Trasnfer

We take traditional bank transfer payments too. Ask your cleaner for our company bank details and make sure to include your first line of your address as the reference.